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MUCH MORE THAN THE HUNT ~ Most outfitters judge a hunt a success or failure by the number of birds killed. That’s where we begin, but it is not where we end. We add so much to the Nicaragua duck hunting experience that we make the trip a fantastic memory even in the unlikely event that it was raining the entire time or the birds just weren’t flying.

Nicaragua Duck Hunting

Nicaragua is situated in Central America between Honduras and Costa Rica, and is known for its cascading waterfalls, lush jungles, deep blue seas and refreshing fresh water lagoons. These are the perfect environments for the land’s native species of black bellied whistlers, pintails, blue-winged teal, white-winged doves and Giant Tarpon.

Nicaragua, located just 3.5 hours flight from both Miami and Houston, is one of the best hunting grounds around when you consider the alternatives, their cost and the distance. Its untapped supplies of fish, fowl and feathers has attracted so many new hunters, it can no longer be referred to as a “best kept” secret.

When taking your dove and duck hunting expedition to Nicaragua, you and your buddies have a unique opportunity to hunt in lush rice, sorghum, and peanut fields forty minutes outside of central Managua! No need to dread the car ride to your early morning hunting sessions, because our cars are comfortable air-conditioned vans and eighty-percent of the drive time is on smooth, paved roads.

According to the Economist (and the United Nations), Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Central America, even as safe as Costa Rica, its neighbour to the south. But everyone knows you can find trouble anywhere – we make sure you don’t.

The Nicaragua Duck and Dove Hunting Experience

Nicaragua Duck Hunting

Fish, Fowl and Feather

A typical Nicaragua duck hunting consists of 3 days of hunting. One morning session, and one evening session. You may choose all doves, or doves and ducks, or doves ducks and even use one day for fishing. Its all up to you and your group.

Roberto Duran

Birds, Boxing and Baseball

Nothing beats hearing stories first hand with someone you grew up watching become one of the best athletes of their time. We can arrange for you to have a personal dinner with one of these legends after your duck hunting in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Cuisine

Banquets, Beer and BBQ

Nicaraguan cuisine is a mixture of savory soups, spiced meats and a plethora of diverse sweets with exotic ingredients. Also know for the best Steaks in South America. You will dine at the only the finest, qourmet restaurants in Managua.

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