Hunting Lodge

Instead of being trapped in a tight-quartered lodge in the middle of nowhere, we invite you to stay at the InterContinental Hotel located in Managua, Nicaragua. No other hotel or tent in the woods can provide the essential amenities while also focusing on your duck hunting purposes.

The InterContinental is only a ten minute drive from the International Airport and a forty minute drive from duck/dove enriched fields.

Some advantages of a luxury hotel vs. the lodge:

  • Individual rooms with feather down Pillows and Duvets
  • Private bathroom facilities with all the comforts of home
  • 30 to 45 minutes in any direction for the hunt on paved roads
  • US top quality cuisine and 24 hour room service
  • The privacy to sleep in or operate on your schedule
  • The freedom to have some nightlife and hit the Casinos another way to pack some extra fun into the day
  • With hunts of 10 or more, we can upgrade you to a presidential suite and that gives you a very nice recreational after hours living area or place to share breakfast privately

Being centrally located in the entertainment and business district of Managua, the staples of home and new cultural experiences are knocking at your hotel room door. Enjoy prime cuts of the finest meats and fresh lobster at local steak and seafood houses, and then take a night out on the town at trendy and traditional bars and casinos. Enjoy the Nicaraguan culture and keep the comforts of city life for an overall “best of both worlds” experience.

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